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Promoting Domestic Tourism

Domestic tourism is one of the two types of tourism, the other one being international tourism. The former is the type in which natives visit their own country for sightseeing. International tourism, on the other hand, is where people visit foreign countries for adventure and sightseeing. Today, we shall put our focus on how the […]

Wildlife For Future Generation

The essence of wildlife protection in human history has never seen the light of the day as it should now for the sake of humanity. Our humanity will lose its pride if our exploitation of wildlife indiscriminately is not contained. It should be our prime priority to check and regulate the activities that deplete our […]

Wedding In The Wild with David Macharia

Versatile Photographers came to being due to the demand we had in wedding photography more than 10 years ago. It has been an adventurous experience covering  weddings from different cultures. This made it possible for us to meet clients expectation. We, Versatile photographers create art by capturing the passion and the chemistry between two lovebirds. At […]

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity is what makes the world a wonderful place to be in. The beauty brought about by the difference in culture among many societies indeed make the earth to be an affectionate place. Different societies have different unique cultures which define them. They vary depending on the grounds of race, social status, and religion […]

What Happened to our Rivers?

When I was growing up as a young boy down the slopes of Aberdare ranges, I used to swim in Chania river which was risky but I could always sneak to join the rest of the boys. The main river was divided to Chania river and Sasumua river which feed Sasumua Dam that supplies water […]