New Versatile Desk Calendar

Kenya Tourism

The new year is finally here. As we start a new calendar, our lives are teeming with the hopefulness and anticipations of a better 365 days ahead. 2020 and 2021 were unprecedented in many ways; 2022 is the year when our optimism gets a chance to come back to life. To mark this milestone, Versatile […]


Maasai Beadwork

On your next African safari, there’s one place you will be sure to find the best Maasai beadwork in Kenya. At Basecamp Explorer’s Enjoolata Information Centre in Maasai Mara. Beadwork is one of the most complex forms of artistry, certainly outstanding, perhaps even exclusive, since it involves a lot of creativity and uniqueness. But, often, […]

Maasai Mara: Enjoolata Information Centre

enjoolata information centre

When you set out to the great Maasai Mara on a maiden trip, your imagination is alive with scenes of vast grasslands, endless savannah stretching for kilometres as far as the eye can see. Wavy hills, the occasional sprout of an acacia, the slow march of elephants, the trot of wild dogs, and the rowdy […]

Lets preserve the little that is left. All is not lost.

Over the recent years, things have gone from bad to worse as far as cultural practices are concerned especially among the youths. Globalisation due to technological advances have posed a threat to the future generations. It is a norm nowadays that very few of our dear youths have the knowledge of our cultures. Not only […]


A tree seedling beside the stump of a tree burned down for charcoal. The seedlings are planted to mitigate the effect of wide scale deforestation in areas surrounding the forest. I chose an early morning tea session to sit down with Kakamega Forest Heritage Foundation Chief Executive Officer , Mr. George Murilla to discuss conservation […]

How to sustain culture as part of tourism

Culture plays an important role in the tourism industry. It acts as one of the main tourist attraction element in the country, Kenya. The diversity of Kenyan culture has been of great affection to many people around the globe. Most people from European countries visit Kenya every year to satisfy their eyes the great satisfaction […]

Wedding In The Wild with David Macharia

Versatile Photographers came to being due to the demand we had in wedding photography more than 10 years ago. It has been an adventurous experience covering  weddings from different cultures. This made it possible for us to meet clients expectation. We, Versatile photographers create art by capturing the passion and the chemistry between two lovebirds. At […]

Running to Restore and Conserve

RUNNING TO RESTORE AND CONSERVE! Versatile Adventures is an initiative aiming at creating awareness on the importance of Conservation through photography. The Initiative is Guided by four main pillars, that is Conservation, Tourism, Culture and Wildlife. This time round, we traveled to Kakamega county, Shinyalu constituency courtesy of an invitation from Kakamega Forest Heritage Foundation. […]

The Bull Fighting

How many of you have witnessed a bull fighting competition live? I bet very few people have gotten the chance to see or even attend this event. Bull fighting is a curious event that is associated with the Luhya culture and mostly done in Kakamega County. The bull fighting event is usually set near the […]

The Third Edition Of Kakamega Forest Marathon

The county number represents Kakamega county which is located at the western part of the country.The county comes with a share of unique features that helps the county stand out among the 47 counties. Did you know that Kakamega forest is the only rainforest in the country with some of the rare birds and butterflies […]