How many of you have witnessed a bull fighting competition live? I bet very few people have gotten the chance to see or even attend this event. Bull fighting is a curious event that is associated with the Luhya culture and mostly done in Kakamega County.

The bull fighting event is usually set near the beautiful Kakamega Rain Forest, which is the only rainforest in the country. This event takes place several times a year and forms a crucial aspect of the Luhya culture.

The bull fighting is done very early in the morning in an open field where the locals can watch clearly as well as looking out for their safety. The fight is between two bulls each representing a village where they are fed with traditional beer before the battles begins.

Once the preparations are ready, the villagers accompany the bulls to an open field where the fight happens. During this time there are roar of noise from the gathering crowd of locals as they cheer and blow traditional horns.

As the bulls fight they are provoked by the crowd and horns leading to a fierce battle which lasts anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. Due to this jeers from the crowd one bull will eventually flee and the other bull is declared the winner.

Since bulls represents a crucial aspect of Luhya culture, the owner of the winning bull takes home prize money. The prize fighters are respected and recognized in the village where a celebration is done after the bull fighting ceremony.

For sure bull fighting is unusual activity which is an extremely vibrant and interesting cultural event that everyone needs to attend and you are guaranteed to enjoy it.

Tyson Kiiru

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