Over the recent years, things have gone from bad to worse as far as cultural practices are concerned especially among the youths. Globalisation due to technological advances have posed a threat to the future generations. It is a norm nowadays that very few of our dear youths have the knowledge of our cultures. Not only have many of our youths neglected their cultures and assimilated the western cultures, but also no effort or desire is seen in them to bring them back.

One among the few communities which has preserved their cultural identity.



















Technology which has encroached our societies has blinded our very own youths, it has enslaved them. A big percentage of our siblings have already lost directions and it will take not the efforts of one man but joined hands with the same vision and focus to deliver them out of this slavery. The many vices we experience today is as a result of the changing world and we, having accepted to be changed by the world.

A traditional meal common among people living in the central region














I wished I lived during the days of our forefathers, a time when cultural practices were considered greatly and adhered to by all members of the respective communities. It was then when immorality, early​ marriages, theft cases, corruption, killings were nowhere to be seen for youths were taught according to the desires and culture of the communities. Youths knew their roles​ in their societies by then, not today. The traditional teachings had a great positive impact to the lives of youths. It is no doubt that we had responsible youths brought up in the ways of the communities.

Positive results of cultural influence.








































The roles our grandparents played in those days were of great affection. Young men who had gone through the initiation ceremonies and had completed the transition from childhood to adulthood would sit down with the elderly and be taught the roles and expectations of them to their societies in their new positions. Something​ that was similar to the girls which were taught by their grandmother’s. Societies lived in peace and harmony then. Punishments were in place to all those who would deviate from  the expectations of the society.

A Maasai elder, one of the wise councillors outside his Manyatta.



















Saddening it is that in this century, youths are ready to do what they want even if it is wrong. Respect to their elders has lost its meaning and they can challenge their parents without shame, a great taboo in the past. Young men can do what ladies are doing, from skin lighteners, hairstyles to dressing. In a similar way, ladies too want to be equal to men, from hairstyles, dressings to roles in the house without condemnation from around. It is indeed something that everyone has closed their eyes on and this needs intervention as fast as possible to avoid the great danger which lies ahead of us and it’s nothing,​ but going back to where we came from.

If we need to save the future generations from this disease, we have to accept and embrace our cultures. It is until then when decency and modesty shall be seen in our communities and our youths.

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