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Annual Global MICE Summit

The future leaders Workshop was held on 23rd August 2019 at United States International University(USIU). The theme was Skills Development for Developing The MICE Industry In Africa

The aim of Future Leaders Workshop is to inspire students in the industry and nature their careers and enterpreneurship ventures. The workshop targeted young persons aged between 18 & 35 within the Business Toursim Industry
David Macharia_C.E.O Versatile Photographers

David dug deeper about about marketing a company and how much effort one needs to put in basing on clients preference and satisfaction. Versatile photographers have a convincing power using their high quality and creative images, consistency in what they do and are relevance on social media thus the clients opt to choose them over all the other photographers in Kenya. He inspired youths by sharing his story from charging house helps in Kangemi KSH 20 for a photo but with a strategy of getting the boss to charging over KSH 500k for a wedding. He insisted that everything you do, do it with a strategy of attaining the best out of it.
Wanjiku.K.Kandie _C.E.O Waridi Events

Wanjiku represented the ladies well in the pannel and encouraged them that they have all it takes to penetrate and flourish in the industry but only if they have passion, patience and vision. She also inspired youths to be extra and creative so that they can get opportunities in the creative industry because chances are few. She also encouraged men to take up Event planning jobs.
Chris Kirwa_COO CateChris Limited

Chris addressed the youths on discipline. For you to get a job you have to show that you are reliable that is you arrive in time or earlier, dress appropriately and persevere no matter how hard it gets. He also encouraged youths to be open minded and vibrant so that anyone can spot potential and even offer you a job or recommend one. Always be aggressive to get what you want.
Johnson Mwakazi _C.E.O Royal Voice International

Johnson the man with the royal voice inspired the youths using three key words that is ;
Ability_ everyone has a specific ability question is how do you use it?
Identify_ know yourself your strengths and weaknesses and start building yourself from there
Responsibility_ stand and own up for the consequences of your actions and utilize your ability
He crowned it all by giving his story born and raised in Kindergarten slums to going for his dream to be on National Television and now founder of Royal Voice international

Bob Kalili_CEO Institute For Sustainability Affairs In Africa

Bob forcussed on sustainability in a business. For a business to be Sustainable it needs balance in Business (generate profit), People (Transform their lives) and Environment ( how does it improve). When starting a business use the Convergence model where you access yourself and use what you have to start as long as you understand your market and business motives.

It was a very interactive session where the audience asked questions and got answers. It was interesting to hear that the pannelists give opportunities for youths to learn the skills for example Waridi Academy and Versatile School of Photography and video but only the aggressive or ‘hungry’ ones get the chance. Don’t get inspired &Wait! The Future Starts Now!

Photo credits to Versatile School Of Photography& Video

Champions Of The Earth Awards

The Champions of Earth Awards is the highest UN Environmental honor that seeks to celebrate outstanding government leaders, civil society and the private sector whose actions have had a positive and transformative impact on the Environment. This year’s awards were held during the Third Annual UN Environmental Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya.

A picture of all the winners during the annual champions of the earth awards held in Nairobi. Photo: David Macharia

Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile won the category of policy leadership for his outstanding leadership in creating marine protected areas and boosting renewable energy. Apart from the marine environmental protection, her polices have seen renewable energy production surge from 6 to 17% of Chile’s energy mix in just 4 years.

Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile receiving her award in the policy leadership category. Photo: David Macharia

Mobike, the world’s first and largest smart dockless bikeshare company was named among the 2017 champions of the Earth under the category of Entrepreneurial vision. The Mobike recognition was due to the transformative contribution towards a low carbon emission in the transport public sector. Mobikes has over 100 million registered users across more than 100 cities Kenya been the latest and globally servicing over 20 million rides a day.

Paul A. Newman and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center scooped the award under the category of Science and Innovation. The outstanding contribution was to the Montreal protocol which has eliminated 99 per cent of ozone depleting substances which has healed the ozone layer.

Paul A. Newman scooped the award for science and innovation category. Photo: David Macharia

Under the Inspiration and Action award, Jeff Orlowski who is an Emmy Award winning filmmaker was recognized for his work on spreading environmental messages to global audience. His latest film, Chasing Coral looks at the effects of ocean warming coral bleaching on these vulnerable ecosystems.

Under the category of inspiration and action Jeff Orlowski won. Photo: David Macharia

The last category of Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Wang Wenbio, Chairman of Elion Resources Group which has contributed largely towards leadership in green industry. He says his vision is to combat desertification for a greener world with more lush mountains with clear waters.

Wang Wanbiao receiving his award during the third Annual Champions of Earth awards held in Nairobi. Photo: David Macharia

The Champions of the Earth which was founded thirteen years ago has recognized 84 laureates ranging from leaders of nations to grassroots activists. They will continue recognizing figures in the society who are impacting positively to the world.

Tyson Kiiru

Revolutionizing Transport in Kenya

Imagine a world where you pick and leave a bike at your own convenience without having to worry what will happen to the bike once you leave it? Well Mobike got you covered. Mobike is an application of a bike sharing service that wants to fulfill the urban short trips anytime and to any legal parking destination fast and at affordable prices.

Through innovation and technology Mobike is green, reduces congestion and continually strives to improve the quality of city life. The service aims at providing affordable means of shared transportation for convenient short urban trips while reducing congestion. This bike service has been in countries like London, Washington DC, Italy, Singapore and Beijing among other countries and it has proved efficiency.

A picture of a young boy outside City Hall, Nairobi during the test ride and launch of Mobike over the weekend. Photo: David Macharia

Over the weekend Kenya became the latest country to embrace Mobike service which was in collaboration the United Nations.  Present also in the event was Nairobi governor who flagged off the bikers at the county headquarters city hall; later the bikers traversed the city using different roads in town.

The flagging of the Mobike bikes by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko outside County headquarters. Photo:David Macharia

More than 200 bikes were presented by the UN officials during the launch and they promised to start using them soon so as to ease traffic congestion that the country has experienced over years.

A section of riders traversing within town during the launch of Mobike in Kenya. Photo: David Macharia

The county government also assured their support to ensure this is implemented within the shortest time as they plan to ease the congestion headache.

A picture of the Mobike officials checking the conditions of the bikes before the road testing. Photo: David Macharia

Once everything is ready Mobike is meant to revolutionize the way of movement in town which is cheaper and more convenient. All you need is to download the Mobike application either from App store or Google play and once you have it on your phone you are able to enjoy the bikes.

Tyson Kiiru

Versatile School of Photography