I have always wondered how heaven looks like not until I visited Kenya Southern Great Rift valley in the heart of the Maasai land, the Lake Magadi,110km from Nairobi a perfect get away for it’s spectacular geographical landscape to the Northern part of Tanzania’s Lake Natron, serves as the attraction to many. Lake Magadi is well known for being one if the hottest places in Kenya but more so for its pinkish mirror-like  soda lake, evading birds that include flamingos, and a number of wildlife.
Its hot springs which serves as medicinal waters, the rich Maasai culture, the learning experience about Magadi its historical co- existence till to date.
Appreciating its nature by learning to take landscape pictures of the beautiful serenity of its view.

The amazing fun experienced at the hotsprings and getting to interact with the Maasai  people was a fun filled experience amazing team that I got to share memories.

For  more of this fun experiences exploring my Kenya and beyond courtesy of Versatile adventures this is why I don’t deserve to die.