#PhotographyInTheWild was such a refreshing event to participate in. So many times and rightfully so, the conversation about conservation does not ignite much excitement among the people that matter the most in this country, the youth. This is a problem we need to tackle in this country. It is a problem that has allowed so many animals to get slaughtered across the whole continent and left some species numbers at scaringly low numbers. There are just not enough people caring about this problem.

But every now and then, I get a great dose of hope when I see people come together and find exciting ways to change what we need to change in this country. At Turnup.Travel, that is our mantra. Channeling our energies towards novel ways of not only marketing our beauty as a country and as a people, but also finding super fun interesting ways of doing it. Versatile Photographers got it absolutely right the first time. And if this event was anything to go by, there is a bright future after all for all our national parks and reserves. Wrangling up 37 professional and amateur photographers and nature-lovers to spend their whole Sunday at a National Park and all within 2 weeks is not an easy thing to achieve. Nairobi National Park deserves way more credit than Nairobians give it. There are people out there fighting for our parks and they are doing amazing work. But we as the millennial generation need to be at the forefront of every battle towards being a more prosperous country. On every front. Conservation is one of these battles. Versatile Photographers has provided an excellent way to do this and we at Turnup.Travel are absolutely thrilled to be a part of this journey. We are very much looking forward to the next National Park or reserve that we take over and create more magic. And what’s a great cause without great food, tasty choma, flowing beers, superb company and even a dazzling gift-giving ceremony at the end of the festivities. Simply brilliant”


Brian Gatimu – Co-founder
Turnup.Travel Global Ltd