Time and again we are always talking about conserving and maintaining the environment that we are living in as humans. The campaign to conserve the environment has been a topic of discussion not only in Kenya but globally it has been a concern to many countries.

Today marked yet another meeting of this year’s UN Environment Assembly which was held at the UNEP headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. The theme of this year’s UN Environment Assembly was having a pollution free planet and largely the fight against marine litter and micro plastics. Our very own team Versatile Adventures received an invitation to cover this high end event that had representatives from different countries.

Among the guest speakers was Christophe De Boissoudy, managing director of Novamant France a company that creates innovative solutions to problems attributed by plastics. He says that the company has been creating solutions to problems that result from plastic for the last 25 years and the reception is good.

According to Mr. De Boissoudy, Novamant France is campaigning for the use of biobased and biodegradable plastics since it’s easier for them to decompose. He says about 80% of plastics found at the sea comes from the mainland since there is no efficient waste management.

He says once we have an efficient waste management on the mainland there will be a reduction of marine littering and micro plastics to the environment. This campaign comes months later after the banning of plastic bags in Kenya which was implemented to reduce environmental pollution.

It’s high time as Kenyans we embrace this campaign of having pollution free environment now that we are not using the plastic bags anymore. Let’s collect and recycle the plastic such as bottles instead of stuttering them around which is polluting the environment.

The government should also ensure that offenders are punished heavily so as to discourage people who may want to pollute the environment. Together we can have a pollution free environment and it’s a matter of choice.

Tyson Kiiru

Versatile School of Photography