A beautiful woman in Maasai wear.

What do you think when you see a red checked sheet anywhere?

The Maasai people.

Everyday the world grows to a small global village as it has been said before. With this, there has been a lot of cultural integration. These to mean most cultures have adapted different cultures from different people around the world. Since change is inevitable, most cultures have completely died out.

Despite all these, the Maasai people have remained one unique tribe in Africa whose culture continue to grow as others become forgotten.

One distinctive part about the Maasai people is there way of dressing. They have their outstanding red shuka, which has grown to be identified with them for whiles know. Identifying a Maasai, you will always see the shuka draped around their shoulders. This they walk around in so proudly that you almost wish to emulate them.

Away from their shukas, they have beautiful ornaments that are admired and loved by all and sundry. They are loved and worn by not only Kenyans or Tanzanians where they stay but all over the world.

Apart from that, their type of shoes, or rather design has been imitated and is now widely worn all over. Some of the shoes are called Okala. Curved from car tyres and at one particular time it even became fashionable to be seen wearing them.

Away from this fashionable culture’s allure, you would want to know their personality. If there is one tribe that likes honesty, it’s the Maasai people. They are people of their words and they do not fancy lies. You will easily gain their trust ones they realize you are an honest person.

Apart from honesty, there is one more thing they love and treasure, Cows. Cows are like a pride to them. They are a semi-nomadic tribe that walks with their cattle in search of water and pasture.

The Maasai people speak the maa language.

Growing up as a Maasai boy. There are certain cultural practices that transition you to manhood. Apart from the expected circumcision ceremonies, back then one was expected to go hunting in the wild and bring back a lion’s head. This is considered not only a heroic but also a rite of passage. This is referred to as Olamayio. For now since killing of any wild animal in Kenya is prohibited, the now hunt in groups according to age sets of warriors. Apart from that, ever since time immemorial, it was forbidden to kill a female lion.

A beautiful Maasai woman laughing while enjoying sunshine at Lake Magadi

If you would love to interact with this amazing people. They are located on the southern parts of Kenya and along the Rift valley. In Kenya they are mostly found in Narok County. In Jawaharlal Nehru’s words, “Culture is widening of the mind and spirit.” Well , visit this amazing people and get to widen your spirit and mind.

On 12th of March this year, Versatile adventures gets to cruise to Magadi, get to join the crew, and enjoy the different cultures at the place. While there you will even get to meet this amazing people and interact.