Whenever you hear of an outdoor event,all you see is perfection but not the hustle behind the scene. As a photographer you know the what goes in your head as ideas drop in like floods. But as we know the client is always right.


Today was like any other ordinary day,I didn’t think I would have had the experience I got. Trust me when I tell you that art isn’t as easy as everyone assumes to be. The scenes behind the perfection is a hustle. As a photographer you know the kind of struggles you’ll get during the shoot considering its outdoors,so the climate isn’t consistent and you have to work with what you have got.

Also working with a makeup artist is compulsory if the client is onto the idea. So we worked with one today and her work was magnificent. She didn’t bat her eyelids as she seems to know every detail and requirement once she saw the client. We didn’t waste time on that section, and we were so grateful that we got a pro considering nowadays most make up artist in the business are not original.

The clients do not get this but once their material is out there,the praises shall rain on you like blessings but just make a mistake of giving them a certain expectation and you do not deliver all hell will break loose.

But not today,our client Brenda and her husband Tim gave us an awesome time. They were peppy and calm,enthusiastic,patient and understanding. Their sons were playful and boy oh boy a handful in a good way. We had fun taking the baby bump shots praying that Brenda doesn’t deliver in the middle of a session considering she was due her time frame.


To our surprise she was so energetic and lively which gave us an easy time. We are so grateful and hope you deliver soon so we can have another shoot.

This shoot wouldn’t have made it without team work. With the help of EdwinJoe a professional photographer and our student Vivian,we called it a wrap at the end of the day.
Much appreciated Brenda and Tim.

by Vivian Waititu.