There is always something phenomenal to experience when one goes out to nature. You discover, learn and enjoy. This particular weekend I visited Nairobi National Park with a couple of creatives who believe in telling stories through images. The event was dubbed Photography in the Wild and we were here to tell the story of why we should conserve our wildlife.
There are few places left on the planet where the impact of people has not been felt. We have explored and left our footprint on nearly every corner of the globe. As our population and needs grow, we are leaving less and less room for wildlife. Wildlife is under threat from many different kinds of human activities; directly from the destruction of habitats to the spreading invasive species and diseases. Most ecosystems are facing multiple threats. Each new threat adds on already weakened ecosystems and their wildlife. This pushes us to protect wildlife in whichever way we can.
I look forward to taking pictures that will create emotion on how best we can protect our wildlife.

Oliver Twist Photography.