The Borana Community

We host the most colorful epic cultures in the country, the Borana, Rendille, Turkana, Samburu, Gabbra, Daschnats, Elmolo and many more have maintained their cultural bonds and traditions throughout the generations and their nomadic way of life has not been corrupted nor has it been influenced by the comings and goings of the seasons.

The Rendile Community

We need to package cultural tourism in our county and the new museum at the Ahmed gate will give us a footing to showcase our heritages under one roof.

The Samburu Community


OSA and Martin Johnson came to Marsabit in 1926 and they build a home in lake paradise and the “ Safari Museum “ in Arkansas city has been kept alive in their memory and showing the world memorable landscapes, people and their culture and the abundance of Gods creations before man became greedy.
I want to build a zip line over this crater lake. Imagine being suspended in the air , and gliding with no protection over this massive pool for a distance that is yet to be measured, alone !!!!! , would you dare call this an experience???? No, this is a life time dream come true. This is a memory that will remain with you for ever. This is Paradise.


The extreme sensation, a totally deferent experience from everything that you have ever known. A total waste land and a curse to many but an opportunity to the desert dwellers to see other humans. During the rainy months the desert turns into a lake because it happens to the lowest point in the surrounding lands , but evaporation here through heat and gusting winds is 100% so the waters dry up pretty fast and sand dunes get into patterns and shapes that will bog your memories for a long time. Her you will get to see the mighty camel, an animal that is almost worshiped in this parts due to its Enormous capabilities and oasis water points that jute out of the sand, “like God only knows how”.


Their deep-rooted traditions and the love for the only life they know, the nomads of northern Kenya search for pastures and water for their livestock every dry season and shallow wells get deep and deep every day as the dry spell dictates. The herders have a duty to water their herds and when they sing in the wells, it is not because they are happy, but they do it to forget their hardships, woes, and sometimes hunger.

They sing to encourage themselves and to send their prayers to their Gods. Disaster looms at all times and wells cave in many a time, but this is inevitable and acceptable due to the love and passion that they have for their livestock.


We will dedicate one weekend day twice every calendar month for families to congregate together at our campsite. We will encourage investors to provide children plays and family team building experience at no fee on experimental basis. We will build family bonds and in the process we increase visitation into the reserve.

This is part of my dream for Marsabit forest reserve.

Captain, Robert Obrein.
Asst. Director. Northern Conservation Area.