Lions are one of the most iconic animals we have on the planet, beautiful, magnificent and powerful thus referred to as the king of the jungle. In the wild once the lion roars the rest of the animals can sense that danger is awaiting them and through this it earns respect as the king.

A pride refers to a group of lions usually 15-20 members with up to 3 males where the lioness does all the hunting in the wild while the male defends the group territory.  It’s very easy to differentiate a male from a female Lion, the male has long hair that covers their neck while the female doesn’t.

Lions play starring roles in the art of cultures and one of the biggest tourist attractions in the African continent today. However lions are disappearing from the wild at a rapid rate either due to habitat loss, hunting, poaching and retaliatory killings by livestock owners or other factors.

These big cats contributes heavily to the ecosystem in which humans also plays a significant role to ensure that they survival is guaranteed. Therefore it’s upon every individual to take an initiative to protect this magnificent predator’s.

Today there are only about 20,000 and of which in 26 African countries they are extinct, that why as Versatile Adventure we have taken the initiative in conserving lions and wildlife in general. As Versatile Adventures we urge you to lead in ensuring that no more lions are killed for the future generations to see.

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Story by
Kiiru Tyson