Lake Magadi is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Endowed with the spectacular viewpoints that one would wish to forever stay and admire.

Flamingos at Lake Magadi

Apart from that, there are its signatory hot springs. Natural hot springs. Among this natural hot springs are a variety of birds that color the scenery making it look almost heavenly.

It is in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves is what Andre Gide an impeccable author attributes to when he talks of discovering.

On 12th March this year, 2017, versatile school of photography invites interested people to join them since they will hit the road once more to tour the beautiful Magadi.

During the trip, you will be able to meet and interact with the best wildlife photographers in Kenya. Ask questions and learn new skills and tricks.

Lake Magadi Beautiful Scenery

Apart from learning, the trip will be a fun filled trip, enabling the photographers to create memories and capture amazing moments.

There is something beautiful about, nature. It’s a subconscious way of interacting with something so subtle yet very touching. Best of all, is that its kind of therapeutic especially if you stay in a busy town with the entire buzz in it.

Take a brake once in a while and tour the world. See new places, meet new people and make friends. Versatile Photographers works to make sure you live beyond your comfort zone.

A beautiful woman in Maasai wear.

Do you want to create memories, have fun, relax, interact with nature and capture beautiful memories, alongside learning and enhancing you video and photography skills? Then mark the date 12th of March 2017 .

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Remember the best adventurer succeeds the best.


Author: SARAFINA ROBI, is a journalist and an advanced writer in matters politics and opinions on social matters and economic affairs. Currently at Versatile Photographers a production house that does productions of all genres and produces state of art pictures, documentaries, advertisements, corporate shoots, weddings and teaches upcoming photographers and videographers.