It was a pleasure being invited to the Radisson Blu hotel. The conference we attended was the Africa Hotel Investment Forum(AHIF). Our photographer for the day was one of our best David Macharia.

The investors who attended this forum were from every state across the world. Speaking of investing in Africa and improving it was the agenda for the day. This was a sign that we as Africans have a fresh land full of potential that we do not realize.

We got a chance to meet a few delegates from across the world and headed for a sneak peek of the food they had prepared. My oh my! It was ravishing. The chef had prepared a stand-up lunch for the guests and the meals we exquisite.

Every cuisine known, every art created was just amazing. You could even tell how the guests would dig in without a say. The creativity that beheld everyone’s attention was perfect.

Taking shot after shot, David couldn’t get enough of it as he kept taking pictures in every area that served any kind of meal, be it the snacks, the beginner course, the main course, the dessert,all was too good.

We had a chance to have a bite of the meals there and boy oh boy! we couldn’t get enough of it.Such an events caught our attention as we realized that our youth weren’t in it.





It was heart breaking to see foreigners thinking of our continent and how to help it move forward when we have great minds back home,dormant,that can think of so many things to help us grow bigger and better. We hope and pray that we break out of our shackles, wake up and be the future and change we need.

Vivianne Waititu