The word ‘Tourism’ sounds so normal nowadays. I guess none has never heard of this word. But what does it mean? Basically, the word tourism is a noun which means the act of travelling or sightseeing in different areas usually for adventure. Now having this in your mind, have you ever gone out somewhere as a tourist? Do you plan in the recent future to become one?

In many countries of the world if not all, tourism is practiced and it plays a pivotal role in economic development. Is there tourism in your country? How many types of tourism are there in your country? If I stand in the Kenyan example, tourism has brought many positive effects and also the negative ones too. In Africa, Kenya is one of the epitome example of having many tourists visiting the country almost throughout the year.

Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge. Photo Credits; David Macharia

But before we delve deep in it, what are some of the benefits of tourism at individual level? Generally, tourism is full of fun. The fascinating activities and experience one get when they tour areas are indeed of great affection. Have you spent time to look at how beautiful the nature is? What is your source of inspiration when you close your eyes and think of the many benefits nature gives man?

Chyulu Hills. Photo credits; David Macharia

Tourism is the activity itself but what exactly do the so called tourists come to visit and see by their eyes that makes them have and feel satisfied in them? Well some of the many tourists attraction sites in the example of Kenya include the beautiful scenery, the warm sandy beaches along the coast, the variety of wildlife, some animal species being endemic to Kenya only, the different types of birds, the spot fish activities, hiking and many others.

Lake Turkana Sunset viewing
Lioness carrying her cub in her mouth at Nairobi National Park
The mighty vulnerable Rhino at Ol Pejeta Conservancy
When you start describing the beauty of the nature, believe me you, you will definitely run short of words, it indeed requires a sightseeing explanation. The feeling that you will get when you decide to spend a day touring different places and seeing for yourself the satisfaction nature provides, trust me you will be nostalgic when you see someone destructing nature.

However there are many challenges that face the whole of tourism including insecurity and terrorism. This has really affected tourism sector and the industry as a whole as most tourists fear for their security and hence avoiding visiting the places which are insecure.

Now, do we really know and understand our roles in tourism? How do you promote tourism at personal level? If we really understand the significance of tourism in our lives at personal level, am sure you should be aware of your roles too in consummating tourism. Should we continue living in darkness? I guess no, it is our mandate and our role to make sure our hand in promoting tourism is established and has an effect.

This was just a general overview of tourism, join me next time as we will be tackling on the basic types of tourism, domestic and international.