The devastating poaching of our elephants and rhinos is alarming. What is the government doing to prevent this? With the modern technology at hand, is it that we are not able to protect our own? We as the patriots, which measures are we supposed to take?

Let us take a look at the Samburu National park where rapid death of elephants is witnessed because of their tusks. Does this mean that our parks are not safeguarded with an electric fence or even a perimeter wall, how are these poachers able to access the entry point?

Burning of Ivory at Nairobi National Park, 2015

Does this tell us that the rangers are in collaboration with the poachers? Logically, poachers don’t use helicopters in their evil acts; they use a 4-wheel vehicle which get them through the park. Or are there ‘panya-routes’ that help poachers get away?

These actions usually take place in the middle of the night, from one of the rangers at Samburu national park; he says that the people living around the park report of hearing gunshots, therefore this means there is always a tag of war between the poachers and the elephants, that is, the elephants are trying to escape but the poachers are focused on shooting. At this crucial moment, where are the Rangers? What is the security team doing after hearing the gunshots? What is their response? Do they wait till morning and witness the animals’ carcass?

A reshuffle of our Rangers after every 3 weeks needs to be done in our parks so as to reduce the massive loss of our animals. The government should fully support the Kenya wildlife service management; in return they should fully equip the Rangers with the Armor of war. The public also needs to be sensitized on the effects both negative and positive through art, that is, photography and civic education too. Not forgetting that strict measures should be put in place for those found selling or even putting on accessories made from ivory.

We need to end poaching as soon as possible.

Story- Christine Mwaura