We often look around and decide that we need to travel, have a change of scenery, meet new people and experience how it feels to be in a different city. A place you haven’t been to before. But to most, those who either live or don’t live in the city of Nairobi, their thoughts not to make Nairobi their desired destination, are based on the strolls they make along Tom Mboya street and Kirinyaga road. These are the most crowded city lanes and should not be representative of this beautiful city. If you’re among these few, you’re missing out on a whole lot of exciting features in the up and mid-town of Nairobi city.

Nairobi at Night

Nairobi has many features that should persuade you to stop and take a stroll around the lanes. The touristic attractions are part of the city’s charm. For many, it is the only city in the entire world with a National park!! As a child, when I heard all the fuss foreigners made about having a park in the city, I found it fascination because after all what is the big deal? It was just a park, with wild animals and all.

Aerial view of Nairobi city

But I soon understood what they meant when I considered the proximity of these wild animals to the city center. It is shocking just to what extent the people living around the park are close to the wild. Though this increases the human wildlife conflict.

We have overtime seen human activities such as infrastructural development, the standard gauge railway to be exact, and wildlife activity collide. This has resulted in general loss of biodiversity. This calls for efforts by human population to try and coexist with the wild animals with minimal effects on their existence.

History of the city of Nairobi is quite interesting. It wasn’t initially meant to be the capital city. It was a swamp, and vast grassland where the Maasai community watered and fed their cattle. The topography of the city is generally hilly, explaining the existence of Nairobi River which flows across the Globe round about and flows all the way to east lands. Nairobi holds the record for the biggest round about in the whole world!!! Globe round about is vast and has a river across it.

The lighting of the streets make for a great view appealing to the eye

The plan on the lanes is also something else to consider. When you compare the lanes from the uptown to downtown there is a trend of symmetry in the way they are arranged. From Tom Mboya Street towards upper hill the lanes are very symmetrical and well aligned.

This maybe to the attribute of the British architectural designs. As you take a walk in these parts of the city, it is evident just how well planned the lanes are. This is in comparison to the downtown part of Nairobi city.

Nairobi city holds several historically appraised sites. Uhuru Park being one of them. Uhuru Park grounds is a rich representation of strife and celebration in Kenya. It is a place that holds historic and cultural significance to the country.

It is also the most popular recreational park in Nairobi and its outskirts. This is the scene where protests led by Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai against the planned construction on the park of a 62-story building in 1989. Amongst other significant events to how the country is currently. The monuments within the city are a reminder of the great leaders in the country’s history. Kipande house is yet another monumental building with its unique architectural design standing out. We have several other buildings with great history that may make a good listen.

Nairobi sky scrappers captured creatively

And don’t get me started on the sky scrapers we’ve got.

Nothing beats a nice aerial view of the city and its twinkling lights in the night time. The beauty it holds as you walk through the streets with people buzzing with lots of activity and events. Nairobi nightlife is quite eventful. Most of the entertainment joints in the city are pubs, bars and movie theaters.

Nairobi Safari club captured in the evening hours

The eateries are also classy and create a good ambience for a fun activity. Sadly, if you don’t know your way round the city it might prove quite hard to know the best joints to have a good time. Nairobi is a great visit. Make time and know your way round this city and you’ll be surprised to have yourself a great time.

By Reginah Wanjiru