The simplicity and impression of nature forms is a delight to behold. It appears to lie on the bounds of magnificence.

Sunset captured in Nairobi National Park

Nature is an indispensable piece of our lives. She offers valuable-priceless gifts on us. To the body and mind which have been confined by monotonous work and obligatory duties, nature is therapeutic and rejuvenate their strength. Nature offers simple pleasures that are able to ease the human mind of strain and stress.

A walk around the woods, the dump scent of the soil, the green, the elevated peaks and hills, the subtle warmth of dawn or dusk sunlight rays and the chirping of the birds offer a soothing and meditative environment. You forget your worries. Literary!! A change of scenery, can get you through a dark time.

Take some time, out of your schedule, and have such a walk. See the wonders nature does to you psychological self. Then you’ll get a glimpse of just how nature is powerful. Even sickness and ailments surrenders to nature. It has proven that patients recuperate and recover at a faster rate when they are in room with windows that offer lovely view. Floral utensils tend to boost a patients appetite when eating.

Zebras basking in the sun after morning hours of grazing

Despite these gifts, we have so far overlooked that our actions are slowly destroying her gifts and treasures and in the process denying future generations the joy of reaping from her assortments later on. The magnificence of nature has been acclaimed by artists and specialists who use it as a source of inspiration. Nature has multitude features, which continue changing every now and then.

Earth is an unimaginably a delicate system of interconnected components that have grown gradually over a long period of time. Each time we chop down a tree, each time an oil spills into the water bodies we are decimating the most valuable legacy we can desert for our future generations.

Black rhinos grazing during a casual afternoon

From the littlest to the biggest creatures, all life on Earth has a typical prototype. Everything is associated with everything. Everything depends on another for survival. Forming a fully-fledged cycle. Everything about nature and life is in cycles of dependence. The rise and setting of the sun is dependent on the rotation of the earth along its axis, the revolution determines the different seasons.  On the other hand, the food chain is basically the heterotrophs depending on autotrophic organisms to provide food for the entire system and in turn use the dead decaying matter of organisms to get nutrition that aids in the food making process.

A lion looking into horizons in hope of an evening kill

These cycles are simple and require everyone to participate in order to form a functional system. We need to ensure that our actions don’t interfere in the balance and sustainability of an ecosystem.

We need to change our general habits and how they affect the environment. We need to responsibly dispose of the waste we produce in a way that either benefits the environment or leaves the environment intact. Use of waste paper baskets, provided in the streets, proper sewage treatment, Recycling, reusing and reducing wastes is a way to ensure that the environment is conserved.

By Reginah Wanjiru