The fascinating and spectacular nature of wildlife in the universe is no doubt one of the most amazing gifts ever given to us by God. It is part of our rich pride that gives us diverse beauty and wonders we always yearn to explore more about it. I sometimes tend to think that this is what Bindi Irwin an Australian actress and television personality had in in mind when she said, “I feel like nothing without wildlife. I feel awkward without them.” From her speech I would picture the world where only human beings were the only creatures that lived in it. It would be such a dull world.

Africa for instance is a home to thousands of wildlife and especially in Kenya where our parks boasts of a diverse nature of various animal and bird species. Wildlife paints our world with life. It is our prime duty to ensure we co-exist in harmony with it. It is a ground in which our livelihood sets its foundation. The revenue that trickles in has aided our existence as humans. In Kenya for example, Maasai Mara is a world’s leading tourist destination. The spectacular migration of the wildebeests has been labelled the seventh wonder of the world putting our country in the map of the world as the most preferred tourist destination.

Kakamega forest is another rich home for wildlife. It is a home for more than 380 species of animals and 330 species of birds. It is such a jewel for the country as it is the only last remnant of the ancient Guineo-Congolian tropical forest. It lies in a scenery environment that is welcoming to any visitor who would want to explore more about it. These two are just a drop in the ocean of the robust nature that our wildlife holds. So it is our prime responsibility to make the most of it as we also protect it.

It is however heartbreaking that an in few occasions, human-animal conflict is reported which often leads to the loss of either humans or these animals. Nevertheless, the government has strived to contain this conflict by putting more firm enclosure in the parks to ensure that our wildlife is at peace with humans.

Ornamental birds on the other hand offers an immense and spectacular view to any tourist. It attracts a lot of attention and so many have fallen in love with them and even desire to keep them.  There is a variety of these birds which offers a wide range of beauty should you decide to keep them. These range from the most beautiful one with wide range of colors- peacock to the amazing cranes. They give you the most desired pride every time you watch them walking around with their dazzling colors or hovering around showcasing their beautiful wings. They spark a feeling of bond and satisfaction to the viewer and the owner.

Although some of these birds face extinction due to their demand for feathers, it is with great a honor to acknowledge a few individuals who have ventured into rearing of these birds to save them.

The topic on wildlife is so rich and wide that words cannot exhaust it. See you next time as we delve deeper.

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