Wildlife and biodiversity are crucial for the balance of an ecosystem. In this project, we use photography and video to shoot documentaries that showcase the plight of the wild animals as well as the need to conserve them.


Culture defines who we are. Versatile Adventures is in support of cultural preservation and conservation. We view cultural heritage as a crucial aspect of Kenyan identity necessary for promoting Kenyan Tourism.


Kenyan tourism requires promotion in order to remain competitive in its region and aroung the world. Versatile Adventures, aims to promote tourism in hopes of attaining its vision to promote sustainability. The amazing wildlife and cultural heritage photos sell our pride as a country which attracts tourists in the country and in the process promote conservation. Our initiative tagline #WatchWildOnlineAndInline trends in our social media encouraging tourists to come and watch our wildlife.

Photography Safari

Versatile Adventures has ventured more on photography safaris. Tourists visiting our country hardly get quality images of wildlife,culture; therefore we have invested in the latest photography, video,technology and equipment. We focus on taking photos of the passengers, wildlife, culture, safari fun activities, group photos and a video of the entire program and make their safari memorable. The images and video clips are edited immediately and delivered to the tourists in portable flash disks after the safari. Photos are also donated to the host company for marketing purposes.


Industrialization and the ever increasing human population are the major factors that contribute to climate change. With the destruction of the ozone layer, the world has recently experienced a rise in temperature levels. The prolonged periods of drought has also led to the steady decline of biodiversity. Other contributing factors like poverty and increased human population also contribute to the encroachment of wildlife habitat, of which needs to be addressed with the seriousness it requires.In this campaign, we believe that if we maintain and control climate change, man and nature will be able to exist in perfect harmony.